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MERSING, 27 MAR 2015 - Johor Youth and Sports Department has played host to hold a workshop on 'Training of Trainers (TOT)' for Rakan Muda Flagship Youth Awards (ARPRM), southern zone at Pulau Tinggi, Mersing.

Thirty participants comprising teachers, ARPRM leaders, leaders of NGO's, ARPRM leaders in universities / colleges and private agencies attended the workshop. The workshop, held from 23 to 26 March was fully conducted by the icon for the ARPRM Malaysia, Ravichandran.

Among the objectives of this workshop is to train leaders ARPRM to be a ‘trainer’ who will help established a calibre ARPRM training team in Malaysia.

In addition, it is to foster positive relationships between leaders, mentors, coaches and operations agency at district level, school and award operations at the national level. The workshop is a good exercise techniques imputed to become facilitators.

The participants were trained through training in groups (LDK) on the technique, style performances, facilities for materials used for presentations to target groups, whether students, parents or community.

This workshop will produce more skilled ARPRM leaders to convey ideas to the public and it will indirectly contribute and assist their departments for the implementation of ARPRM programme.

Written by: Rakan Muda, JBSN Johor

Edited: Razali Haji Mohamed Yassin (Corporate Communication Unit KBS)


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