Quality Policy

Quality Policy for Ministry of Youth and Sports

Committed for maximum client’s satisfaction with priority to fulfil the client’s need and positive actions in improving the needs of the client.


Quality Objectives

Ensure to reach quality policy. Quality objectives set for every function in Quality Management System. The quality objectives are as follows:

Policy Management

Within 12 months. Starting from the directive of Minister/Secretary General to draft or review of the Act to a draft act sent to the Attorney General for review and approval.

Within 12 months. Starting from the directive of Minister/Secretary General to draft or revise draft policy to Cabinet Memorandum sent to the Ministry/Agency for the Centre for the review is.


Youth Development Management

 1) MPBN Conference held two (2) times a year.

2) Documents sent 2 months before the awards took place to the Main Secretariat, the National Youth Award.

3) Provide acceptance of the application for the National Volunteerism Identity Programme (PJKN) within 7 days

4) The results for the application to National Volunteerism Identity Programme (PJKN) issued within 14 days from the date of application.

Sports Development Management

1) Perform at least 90% of the approved programme and the revise programme within one year

2) At least 80% surpassed the 3 on a scale of 1 to 5 in evaluation form performance in workshops, courses, seminars, conferences and sport for all for

3) Organising Sports Awards Ceremony for All (ASUS) at least once a year.

4) Approved sports body registration within 30 days. (Amended to 3.3.7)


Rakan Muda Development Management

1) Within 12 weeks from accepts application from Rakan Muda Club, Registration Certificate issued from the Office of the Registrar of Youth Societies. Provide they meet the requirements of the Association of Youth and Youth Development, 2007 and Regulations Youth Organisation (Registration) Act 2007.

2) The credentials sent to the State Department of Youth and Sports within 14 days of receiving the application for accreditation and the list of honourees.


Skills Development Management

1) A new curriculum, learning materials and learning content completed within 12 months from the direction date of P(PK)’s.

2) Review the curriculum, learning materials and instructional content until it approved by the certification bodies carried out within 12 months from the direction date of P(PK).

3) To issue a result for admission to the National Youth Skills Institute (IKBN) 5 weeks after the closing date.

4) Inspection for every IKBN 1 time per year.

5) Questions in question bank updated once in 3 years

6) The final examination papers sent to IKBN within one week before the exam date.

7) The list of materials delivered to IKBN for practical examination within 1 month before the exam date.

8) Validation on IKBN examinations results within one month from the date of receiving the results from IKBN.


Youth Organisations Registration Management

1) Processing  Organization/Association/Youth Club registration within 7 days by Registrar of Youth Societies Malaysia (ROY) provided they meet the requirements of the Youth Societies and Youth Development, 2007 act and the rules and regulations of Youth Organizations (Registration) 2007 from receipt of the registration form, constitutional revision and issuance of a Certificate of Registration.


Sports Body Registration Management

Approved sports body application within 14 days.


Management support (from 3.3.6 to 3.3.8)

1) Ensure the training given to all officers and employees for at least seven days in a year.

2) Ensure that customer complaints settle within 3 days.

3) Ensure provision of payment get by the supplier within 14 days.

4) Ensure the Long-Term Strategic Planning prepared, review and achiement of goals in periods as follows:


Strategic Planning Preparation of a new Strategic Planning before the expiry date of the previous Strategic Planning  Review Frequency Target Achievement Percentage
Long Term 1 Month 5 years 100%
Medium Term 6 Month 2 ½ years 100%

Ensuring Management Review Meeting held at least once a year.


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