Accounts Division

General Information

Accounts department of Ministry of Youth and Sports was formed on year 2014 which are responsible to implement function as a Self Accounting Department, aligned with the implementation of Accrual Accounting policy in year 2015. It was also formed for purpose of Public Sector Transformation in New Economic Model which are to improve the efficiency in financial management and accounting of Federal Government and State Government. Implementation of Accrual Accounting policy was approved by Prime Minister on 11 May 2011 and it was one of the 21 initiatives by SRI Public Finance Lab.


To be a leading public sector accounting and finance services provider


To produce efficient, effective and high quality accounting and finance services

-To improve the ministry’s accountability and transparency in accounting and finance management

-Ensure that the accounting and finance management systed is accounted for accurately and conform with the prevalent approved accounting and finance rules and regulations.

-Helping the Government to make effective decisions.

-To prepare quality and accurate relevant data and accounting information for preparation of ministry Financial Report and in accordance with timeframe given.

-To provide quality and satisfying accounting and finance services in accordance with best practice.

Function of the Department

An Accounting Office for Ministry of Youth and Sports which functions for services related with management accounting, consulting, monitoring and financial accounting.

Source: Account Divison
Modified Date: 25 May 2015


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