Human Resource Management Division

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A milestone in the ministry in the management and development of human resources efficiently, competently and with integrity


Ensure planning, management and development of human resources effectively fulfilled to produce professional members of the Ministry that competence, integrity, competitiveness and noble.


Provide efficient and effective support through Ministry of optimal staffing structure, the implementation of efficient and organised personnel management, performance management and discipline as efficiently and provide an opportunity for officials and staff to improve their knowledge, skills and career development through comprehensive training


Manpower Planning Branch/Organisation Development


To ensure the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the agencies have an appropriate organisational structure and a sufficient number of personnel. The branch also provides structured staffing plan for the ministry to be efficient and effective organisation.

Functions and Roles

  1. The strategic planning and role research, programmes and activities of the ministry.
  2. Planning the organisational structure of the ministry
  3. Assessing the needs and the creation of new posts
  4. Repeal and re-examine the grading of the post.
  5. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Personnel Database based HRMIS throughout agencies at KBS
  6. Update Information on Personnel Human Resource Management System (PSM).
  7. Auditing Human Resources

Clients Charter

We are committed to provide professional services to ensure that the Ministry has the appropriate organisational structure with sufficient staffing. We also provide human resources organised to enable the Ministry to be an efficient and effective organisation. Therefore, we promise:

  1. Restructuring process applications are complete and submit to the Public Service Department (PSD) for consideration within sixty (60) working days.
  2. Distributing the approval of Treasury Warrant to the Client within three (3) working days
  3. Giving full particulars of the post applied for by the client within three (3) working days.

Services Branch


To provide and implement business service and management personnel with efficient and organised based on the principles of service and as prescribed regulations.

Functions and Roles

  1. Planning and coordinating the recruitment and fulfilment from Public Service Commission (PSC) for the post of Non common positions
  2. Plan and coordinate the recruitment, appointment and offering positions to staff under the jurisdiction of the Ministry
  3. Coordinate appointments for temporary exchange and seconded
  4. Plan the fulfilment and placement for common positions and cadres
  5. Coordinate Confirmation of Service and Admission to the Pension Committee
  6. To coordinate all matters and application of various types of leave and allowances for qualified applicants.
  7. Coordinate housing, medical facilities and pension

Clients’ Charter

We pledge to be professional, efficient and friendly in the transaction of service and personnel management based on the principles of service and regulations as prescribed. Therefore, we promise

  1. Ensure that all services are processed at the latest within five (5) working days before forwarded to the relevant agencies such as the Public Service Commission (PSC), Public Service Department (JPA) and others.
  2. Ensure that all services that require the approval of the Head of the Department processed within seven (7) working days.
  3. Ensure that all services involving financial arrangements submitted to the Finance Branch within three (3) working days after receiving a complete application..

Resource Development Branch


To plan, coordinate, manage and implement training programmes/courses/exams to increase knowledge and efficiency in carrying out the duties as officers and staff of the Ministry.

Functions and Roles

  1. Human Resources Training Plan at ministerial level;;
  2. Planning, identify and coordinate training programmes in and outside the country;
  3. Developing curriculum and training programmes;
  4. Manage, coordinate and supervise the Services and Department Examination
  5. Manage, supervise and coordinate the Competency Level Assessment (PTK)
  6. Operate General and Special Induction Course;
  7. Managing Federal Sports Scholarship Scheme;
  8. Carry out research and studies and Strategic Planning of Human Resource Management

Clients Charter

We with full of determination and commitment pledge to produce human resources who are knowledgeable, skilled and competent through designing training programmes/comprehensive courses, fully-fledged examination and a scholarship scheme management that are fast and efficient. Therefore, we promise

  1. Ensuring courses/training offers to the officers and members of the ministry submitted no later than two (2) weeks prior to the course
  2. Ensure courses/training applications will be processed no later than one (1) week of receipt of the applications
  3. Ensure the Service Examination/KPSL Examination and Competency Level Assessment (PTK) to be fully implemented from the date of receipt of complete application to the issuance of a result within a period of six (6) months/li>
  4. Ensuring the Federal Sports Scholarship Scheme offered to qualified applicants, six (6) months from the date the completed application was received and processed.

Performance Management and Discipline Branch


To produce the members of Youth and Sports Ministry that had quality, competence, discipline and integrity through efficient performance management and discipline in achieving the objectives

Functions and Roles/strong>

  1. Managing, coordinating and monitoring the performance of members of the Ministry and the Secretariat of Human Resources Development Panel (PPSM) for salary movement, pay shift and the Outstanding Service Award.
  2. Manage, coordinate and monitor disciplinary matters, the declaration of assets of members of KBS and the Letter of Undertaking.
  3. Manage and coordinate the Promotion and Acting of KBS member
  4. Manage, coordinate and Secretariat Management Integrity Committee (JKP), Governance Committee and the strengthening of the National Integrity Plan at the Ministry level.
  5. Manage, coordinate Event Secretariat at the Ministry
  6. Manage and coordinate the Order and Decorations Award nomination for Federal and State.
  7. Manage and coordinate the Special Award for Best Employee of the Month.
  8. Coordinate and implement the Programme of Islam Hadhari

Client’s Charter

We pledge to be friendly, efficient and professional in producing members of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of quality, competent, disciplined and high integrity through performance management and discipline as efficient in achieving the objectives of the Division. Therefore, we promise:

  1. Manage Annual Performance Appraisal Report (LNPT) within three (3) months from the closing date of receipt of complete LNPT form.
  2. Manage officer’s promotion after a period of six (6) months from the date of the acting officer passed the requirements for promotion are subject to the existing vacancies
  3. Manage the ordinary disciplinary cases within three (3) months from the date of receipt of the report in misconduct and violations of discipline by the head of department
Psychological Management Unit



  • Personnel Evaluation Application
    - Implement Psychometrics (Psychology Test) based on the current needs of the ministries/departments.
  • Development Application
    - Implement programmes and activities (stress management/change attitudes/emotions management/harassment) towards the development of personnel.
  • Research Applications
    - Implement research to obtain information on the causes and related issues in a more comprehensive review
  • Aplikasi Intervensi
    - Implement services and programmes to create an integrated and coordinated management approach to officers that need help and guidance..


  1. Conveying input and psychological counselling to all ministries, departments, divisions and units.
  2. Manage travel programmes and psychological counselling in the form of seminars/workshops/forums/courses.
  3. Provide counselling services
  4. Conduct psychological tests with cooperation with Technology Services Division
  5. Handling sexual harassment in the workplace

Client’s Charter

  1. Ensure the application of psychology and counselling services from the date of application is processed within 10 working days
  2. Ensure the session/psychological tests report available after a psychology session/tests subject to the test type within three (3) working days.
  3. Ensuring walk-in clients will be treated within five (5) minutes
  4. Ensure that counselling services are provided in systematic and ethical standards throughout Counselling Practice
  5. Ensuring the quality of psychological services at its average score on a scale of at least five (5) of the scale of seven (7) year round.
*Source from: Human Resource Management Division of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia
Last Updated: 22/04/2014


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