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Policy and Strategic Planning Division is one part that is under the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It known as the Policy Research and Development, then changed to Policy Planning and Coordination after the restructuring in September 2004. Thus, on July 15, 2007, the name changed once again to Policy and Strategic Planning Division. It suited the role and roles undertaken by the Division to ensure the Vision and Mission carried out


Plan, formulate, coordinate, check and oversee policies carried out based on the strategic goals of the ministry's programmes and activities at national and international levels.


Realise the Basics of Youth Development and Sports by all parties including government agencies, private sector, non-governmental entities and individuals


  1. Strengthen understanding and public awareness of Youth and Sports Development Policy
  2. Review Development Policy of Youth and Sport every ten years according to current needs.
  3. Foster smart partnerships with the relevant ministries, the private sector and non-government organisations


  1. Preparation/coordination of Ministers’ papers
  2. Parliamentary Secretariat.
  3. Sports Development Cabinet Committee Secretariat.
  4. Strategic Planning Meeting Secretariat, Ministry of Youth and Sports
  5. Coordination Meeting of Youth and Sports Exco Secretariat
  6. Management Meeting and Ministry of Youth and Sports Policy Secretariat
  7. Prepare and coordinate feedback on Cabinet decisions, SG Meeting and Heads of Service, Meeting of the Chief Minister and the Conference of Rulers.
  8. Monitor/evaluate the effectiveness of youth and sports programmes
  9. Coordinate the formulation of policies for long-term planning related to the development of youth and sports..
  10. Post-cabinet Meeting Secretariat
  11. Coordinate relations and international cooperation.
  12. Update Members ‘function.


  1. Prepare Action Plan Implementation for Division beginning of each year with the involvement of all officers and staff
  2. Cooperate with the divisions and internal and external agencies of the Ministry to reach objectives effectively
  3. Monitor the programmes/activities of Youth Development, Sports and Rakan Muda and recommends policy changes should the need arise.
  4. Establish relevant committees to ensure programmes/activities are implemented according to the established policy.
  5. Hold regularly scheduled meetings of all parliamentary matters such as coordination of responses, Cabinet/Minister papers and Technical Committee for Sports Development.
  6. Monitor and ensure the draft answers for Parliament provided in a timely manner
  7. Provide specific format in overseeing the preparation of feedback on the results of the meeting
  8. Entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with potential parties from inside and outside the country to achieve the goals of the Ministry ‘s

Client’s Charter


  1. Ensure parliamentary written reply submitted to the Minister, Deputy Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries not latest by three days before the hearing date
  2. Process and submit the Cabinet Memorandum to Cabinet Secretariat within four weeks from the date of receipt from Division
  3. Process and submit a Memorandum to Cabinet Secretariat within two weeks from the date of receipt
  4. Prepare and submit a memorandum decision of the Cabinet, Secretaries General Meetings, Conference of Rulers’ Meeting, the State Government Liaison meeting with the Federal Government and Chief Ministers within two weeks of receipt of the minutes
  5. Ensure Ministry's policies are adhered to and implemented by all divisions and agencies.
  6. Implement Exco Coordination Meeting of Youth and Sports with YB Minister four times a year and distribute minutes of the meeting within four weeks from the date of the meeting
  7. Implementing the Cabinet Committee on Sports Development Conference (JKPS) chaired by Hon Deputy Prime Minister four times a year and circulate the minutes of the meeting within four weeks from the date of the meeting

The division has four branches as follows

Policy Branch

The functions of this branch are :
  1. Plan and coordinate the formulation of policies in all areas related to ministry’s role in youth and sports development
  2. Manage the implementation of policies on the development of youth and sports at ministry level
  3. Coordinating the development of youth and sports policies among government agencies, private sector and NGOs.
  4. Develop youth and sports policy for the current and future needs

Strategic Planning Branch

The functions of this branch are:
  1. Examine issues/problems of basic development strategy or youth programmes, sports, Rakan Muda and skills in impact to the target group.
  2. Prepare revaluation proposals of policies and strategies and programmes implemented by the ministry
  3. Coordinate and carry out tasks to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of a policy/strategy/programme of youth development, sports, Rakan Muda and skills by Divisions/Departments/Agencies of KBS..
  4. Help Division/Department/Agency to plan evaluation programme strategy.
  5. Carry out an impact study of the effectiveness of youth and sports development programmes through Institute for Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES)
  6. Implement and help plan strategies include rethinking and reengineering the 'Divisions/Departments/Agencies.

Coordination Branch

The functions of this branch are
  1. Coordinate and manage the responses of parliament
  2. Coordinate the preparation of Memorandum and the Cabinet Notes
  3. Being a coordinator for matters related to Youth Policy and Sport Policy
  4. Manage administrative affairs, finance and security sections

International Branches

  1. Coordinate the implementation of the Youth and Sports Development among government agencies, private sector and foreign NGOs
  2. Coordinate matters related to bilateral relations involving issues on sports.
  3. Coordinate matters related to bilateral relations involving issues related to youth
  4. Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) between Malaysia and foreign countries within or outside the country.
  5. Coordinate input at international conferences
  6. Coordinating international technical cooperation
  7. Coordinate relations with the private sector/corporate/youth associations either within or outside the country..

Sports Industry Branch


  1. Increasing contribution of Sports Industry to National GDP
  2. Improve Value Chains of Sports Industry To Higher Level
  3. Increase Value Added in Sport Industry based on Research and Development
  4. Improve National Sports Industry Cooperation Network
  5. Raising Awareness and Involvement of Trade People in National Sports Industry


Sports Industry Development Leader as a main generator of National Economy


Determined to Improve Sports Industry’s Contribution to National GDP by providing a conducive environment to Promote Industry Growth And Improve Sports National Sports Industry Management Professionalism Towards the Year 2015.


  1. Responsible Developing and Policy Directions of National Sports Industry.
  2. Plan, manage, implement and supervise the activities of the Sports Industry Development.
  3. Prepare and Managing Comprehensive National Sports Industry Database
  4. Planning the National Sports Industry Development Plan
  5. Developing a Conducive Environment and dynamics in National Sports Industry.
  6. Explore new opportunities in the sports industry
  7. Responsible implementing Sports Industry marketing promotions
  8. Increase Public Awareness and Support
  9. Foster and strengthen cooperation with the industry.
* Source: Policy and Strategic Planning, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia
Last Updated: 23/04/2014


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