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General Information | Organisation Chart

National Youth and Sports Department.


General Information :

Introduction :

The Youth and Sports Ministry was established on 3rd May 1964 and was then known as the Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry. With the establishment of Cultural, Arts and Tourism Ministry on 20 May 1987, the Cultural functions has since been transferred to the said ministry.

In the year 2000, the National Youth and Sports Department was established. The Department is headed by a Director-General and assisted by three Deputy Director-Generals i.e. Youth Development Deputy Director-General, Sports Development Deputy Director-General and Rakan Muda Deputy Director-General. The Management and Support Services Unit  is headed by one Director and assisted by 15 Youth and Sports Directors in each state and 116 District Youth and Sports Departments.

Vision :

Competitive and United Youths with Exemplary and Healthy Values by 2020.

Mission :

  • To nurture youths towards being  outstanding in Leadership Skills, Competent Skills, Entrepreneurial Approach and Voluntary Spirit
  • To instill patriotism, unity and exemplary values through quality lifestyle.
  • To mould next generation visionaries.
  • To increase the involvement of community through mass participation towards creating a healthy, active and united community.

Objective :

  • To create youths with strong Leadership Skills, Knowledgeable, Entrepreneurial and with Voluntary Spirit
  • To strengthen the Youth and Sports organisations.
  • To enhance the awareness and participation in mass sports.
  • To create creative, caring, skilled and dynamic youths.
  • To mould the youths to be united, responsible and visionary leaders with exemplary values.

Strategy :

The National Youth and Sports Department’s strategies to achieve the objectives :-

  • To strengthen the developmental programmes on Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Skills, Voluntary Spirit and Management to target groups.
  • To provide facilities and support to the youth and sports organisations.
  • To strengthen the volunteerism and patriotism aspects within the target group.
  • To ensure the success of all voluntary and patriotic programmes within the target group.
  • To maximise the infrastructure and sports facilities.
  • To prepare effective promotion and marketing to entice target group.
  • To monitor and assess the effectiveness of the programmes.


1. Management and Support Services Division

This Division provides support services to all other divisions in the National Youth and Sports Department. It assists in the areas of management, administration, supplies and coordination with other departments under the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. It also acts as a catalyst to the various programmes and activities by National Youth and Sports Department.

2. Youth Development Division

The function of this Division is to perpetuate the development of social and economic achievements to fulfill the country’s vision. This Division also assists the Ministry in playing an important role to mould the future generation to be respectful leaders at regional and international levels.

3. Sports Development Division

The role of this Division is to create awareness and increase the community’s participation in all Sports related programmes in accordance with the National Vision.

4. Rakan Muda Development Division

The role of this Division is to be the catalyst to mould and instil identity, competitiveness, volunteerism and cooperation among Malaysian youths in the 15 to 25 years age range. Various programmes have been planned to uncover the potential of the young generation. Activities are planned, implemented and assessed in accordance to national aspiration as well as to produce youths who are skillful and dynamic with exemplary value who are able to contribute  towards national development.

5. State Youth and Sports Department

The State Youth and Sports Departments’ roles complement the National Youth and Sports Department in ensuring the smooth working of its vision and mission in achieving the objectives in line with the national development of the country.

Clients’ Charter

To achieve the above, we pledge the following :-

    1. To ensure all financial matters are completed within the minimum stipulated time in accordance to the rules and procedures :

      • Government Local Order issuance – 3 days
      • Allocation Warrant issuance – 3 days
      • Payment Voucher process – 5 days
      • Allocation Transfer application process – 14 days
      • Air Travel Warrant preparation – 2 days.
      • Aid Fund Application process – 14 days.

    1. To prepare the Programme Implementation Division Status of all Department programmes on the 28th of each month.

    1. To enhance the development of  Career Officers by collaborating with relevant bodies such as INTAN, consultants, Public Higher Learning Institutions and any other relevant agencies both locally and internationally.

    1. To provide advisory services for all departments in implementing the Department’s programmes.

    1. To establish networking  and cooperation with other government departments, agencies, NGO’s and private bodies.

    1. To ensure the implementation of all programmes according to the specific modules.

  1. To strengthen any inactive or sluggish youth and sports associations.

*Source: National Youth & Sports Department.

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